Robot Rumble ALPHA

Robot gigachad

Open Source Python robot by entropicdrifter

My fourth bot.

Gigachad (originally named hannibal) was number 1 on the Alpha Board from November 2022 till December 2023 (to my recollection at least). It was designed to be a deep improvement on seven-of-nine. Where Seven cleaned up and refined the logic for we-are-borg, the idea of Gigachad was 2-fold: simulate the enemy's turn as well as possible and use recursion in order to resolve movement hierarchically with low-health retreats receiving the highest priority.

There are likely still a few bugs left in the implementation, at this point likely due to my sloppy architectural non-philosophy of just hacking on fixes to one problem at a time. My next bot will have a much more intentional design now that I have some experience at thinking through the problems of more advanced bots.

I'm open-sourcing gigachad now so that hopefully other bots will grow stronger off of training against it.


The Alpha Board

rating: 1652  last published: 03/25/24
05/20 15:15 UTC #13161 (+4) seven-of-nine 1348
05/20 03:00 UTC #13155 (-5) chaos-legion 1950
05/19 14:45 UTC #13149 (-12) basic 1734
05/19 02:30 UTC #13142 (+0) pickle-up 789
05/19 02:15 UTC #13141 (+7) crystal 1476
05/18 21:15 UTC #13137 (+0) genetic-robot 718