Robot Rumble ALPHA

Code robots, win matches, rank up.

The rules are simple:

* two players fight in a match

* robots spawn every 10 turns

* a robot can move or attack

* each robot has 5 health

* the player with more robots after 100 turns wins

To get started, sign up and make a robot in Python or Javascript, or try the demo without making an account.

You can also read more about the game rules here.

Active robot boards

The Alpha Board publish cooldown: 30 minutes


* Added opponent select to the Garage

* Improved Boards page

* Fixed duplicate account creation issue

* Fixed rating persistence issue

* Gameplay change: clearing of spawn area

* Gameplay change: 4 units spawn instead of 5

* Improved matchmaking and rating system

* Private boards

* Private bots


* A competition!

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